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Cleveland Area Divorce Appraiser

Most weeks I perform appraisals for divorce cases. It is common for one spouse to desire a higher appraised value, while the other may desire a lower value. 

When performing an appraisal, the Conduct section of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, states that an appraiser "must not perform an assignment with bias" and the appraiser "must not advocate the cause or interest of any party or issue".  Therefore, an appraiser does not act as an advocate for either side. Our work is to develop a supportable, unbiased opinion of the Market Value of a property, as of a specific date(s), based upon a specific definition of Market Value. 

In the appraisal process, I will take into consideration information provided by both parties, and form my opinion of value accordingly. If there are major repairs needed to the property, bids from more than one contractor are recommended.  

If you hire me to appraise a property, you can be certain that I will work vigorously to develop a report that is backed with solid research and supporting data needed to defend my opinion value. I am more than happy to testify as an expert witness.

My fee for the appraisal varies depending on the scope of work needed to develop a credible opinion of value, as well as the complexity of the assignment. My fee for the appraisal is a set fee. My fee for a deposition or court testimony is additional and charged on an hourly basis with a two-hour minimum. 

The appraisal should clearly explain how the appraiser developed their opinion of the Market Value of the property in a meaningful way. In a marriage dissolution, you need more than an unsupported guestimate or Zestimate!


There may be times when my opinion of value differs from another appraisal that was completed on the property. When this happens, upon request, I am more than willing to look at the other appraisal and share my observations as to what may be some reasons for the differences in value opinions.

I have been appraising residential properties since 1998. I have appraised over 8,000 properties in Northeast Ohio. I regularly perform appraisals for divorce purposes. If you have questions or concerns, call me anytime to discuss your case and any questions you may have about the appraisal process. 

Make sure the appraiser you hire has the experience necessary to develop a supportable opinion of the market value of your property, and the willingness to testify as an expert witness if needed.


Thank you for considering me!

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