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Residential Real Estate Appraisal Services

Click HERE for a copy of my curriculum vitae (CV)


I am a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, appraising in the Greater Cleveland area.  Since 1998, I have performed over 8,800 residential real estate appraisals. I work full-time as an independent fee appraiser for banks, attorneys, lenders, investors, and homeowners. I have experience appraising vacant land and residential properties, two to four-family properties and complex properties such as luxury homes.

I have experience in expert witness testimony in both divorce and tax appeal cases, including tax appeal cases at the state level. 


I am a member of the National Association of Appraisers (NAA). I am also a proud member of OCAP(Ohio Coalition of Appraisal Professionals), and an active member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), the Ohio Association of REALTORS (OAR), and the Akron/Cleveland Association of REALTORS (ACAR)

I am a Certified Home Measurement Specialist with the Institute of Housing Technologies. This international designation certifies that I have specialized training in measuring homes using the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) standards for home measurement.

On a semi-monthly basis, I write articles in my blog, at, covering issues related to the real estate profession. My articles have been published in several printed and online appraisal magazines. Individuals around the country follow my blog. I also host a podcast called Home Value Stories where I discuss real estate topics. 

I also have experience in teaching appraisal classes for real estate agents, loan officers, and attorneys. My most recent class was a continuing legal education class (CLE) for the Parma Bar Association in December 2021. If you're a real estate agent, loan officer, title agent, or attorney, please email me if you are interested in my teaching a class for you.

An appraiser is hired to develop a supportable opinion of value. Anyone can come up with a number. Professional appraisers are trained to develop an opinion of value using specialized training, detailed data analysis, research, and using state-of-the-art tools.

Are you looking for an FHA appraiser or have questions about FHA appraisals? I can help! I am FHA-approved. 


Are you a real estate agent looking for a pre-listing appraisal? I can help you!


I specialize in appraising single-family dwellings, luxury homes, condominiums, 2-4 unit apartment buildings, investment properties, and vacant land.  I would love to help you with your valuation needs for the following:

Divorce - Expert Witness / Marriage Dissolution


Estate Planning

Litigation - Expert Witness

Litigation Support

Review of Another Appraisal

Forensic Review of Another Appraisal

Private Cash Sales

ERC Relocation Appraisal

Retrospective Appraisals (Appraisals Based Upon A Date In Past)

Pre-listing Appraisals (Establish a list price)

Estate Planning


FHA Compliance Inspections

PMI Elimination

Bank Owned (REO)

Investment Properties

Short Sales

Immigration Bonds

Bail Bonds


Tax Appeals

Replacement  & Reproduction Costs for Insurance

Video Inspections

Notary Public - Ohio

Office Presentations


Picture of Jamie Owen Real Estate Appraiser
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