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The information and data in these charts that I have created, and the data on my website are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.  The data on this website, including these charts, should NOT be used to develop a value of a specific home or any components of value, and should NOT be utilized in making a financial decision regarding the purchase of any real estate.

The charts below reflect trends of ALL single-family homes in Cuyahoga County. Each neighborhood, and has its own trends which may differ from market trends on a larger scale. Furthermore, the trends of individual homes in the market segment of properties that compete with a particular home may be different from neighborhood and county trends. This information is for educational purposes strictly.

Feel free to share these charts with others. I only ask that you disclose Aspen Appraisal Services and/or the Cleveland Appraisal Blog as the source of the chart(s). 

Cuyahoga County SF MedianSales Price Trends

Cuyahoga County SF Closed Price to List Price Ratios